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Huawei has taken the wraps off its aboriginal self-developed operating system.

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Huawei says HarmonyOS, dubbed Hongmeng in Chinese, can run seamlessly beyond altered accessories alignment from handheld accessories like smartphones, PCs and wearables to acute home articles like acute speakers and headsets. The company’s new Honor-branded acute display, set for barrage in China this Saturday, will be Huawei’s aboriginal artefact to run on the OS.

Speculation had been abounding for months over Huawei’s abstruse centralized OS. After it emerged in May that approaching Huawei phones may lose admission to Google’s apps and casework on Android (a basic affection for all-around consumers), it was appear that the Chinese behemothic had been advancing an addition OS. Aggregation executives, however, accept fatigued that the aggregation wants to accumulate application Google casework if possible.

That hope, though, relies on abounding uncertainties. While President Donald Trump signaled in backward June that US companies could resume sales of some articles to Huawei, Bloomberg appear this anniversary that the White House is now dabbling its decision. The charge for an Android replacement, it seems, charcoal burning for Huawei.

Huawei’s adaptable arch Richard Yu said on Friday that HarmonyOS is accessible to be acclimated on the company’s smartphones at any time. But he added that Android will abide its aboriginal best for now, as continued as it’s still available.

According to the agenda the aggregation apparent at the event, Huawei affairs to cycle out the additional bearing of HarmonyOS abutting year on smartwatches, fettle bands, car infotainment systems and “innovative acquaintance PCs.” By 2021, a third bearing OS will appear to acute speakers and headphones, as well.

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Huawei isn’t abandoned in aggravating to advance an accessible antecedent OS able of active on abounding altered platforms. Google is accounted to be alive on Fuchsia, a abeyant Android almsman advised to assignment beyond a ambit of customer devices. Unlike Android, Fuschia isn’t based on Linux but rather an centralized microkernel alleged Zircon.

HarmonyOS is additionally based on a microkernel, Huawei said, which allows HarmonyOS to abutment Android apps advised by the company. Outside developers can use a Huawei apparatus alleged the Ark Compiler to rework Android apps for HarmonyOS, a action that Huawei’s Yu says will booty about one to two days. The consistent app would be accordant beyond all Huawei devices.

Kernels are programs that angle at the amount of an OS. They handle arrangement assets and construe requests from software into instructions for hardware. A microkernel is meant to accept the minimum set of instructions all-important for starting up a device.

Of course, it’s one affair to action the advantage to anchorage apps. Whether developers use it is addition catechism entirely. One to two canicule isn’t long, but it’s still one to two canicule best than their accepted workflow. And that depends on consumers all-embracing HarmonyOS, which isn’t a agreement if it doesn’t accept Google apps like Gmail or YouTube.

That claiming could be one acumen why Huawei is debuting HarmonyOS on a acute home accessory instead of its smartphones.

For one, the Internet of Things is still in the aboriginal stages of development, said Jason Low, chief analyst at the analysis close Canalys. Whereas smartphones accept already existed for added than a decade, IoT gives Huawei a beginning adventitious at ambience itself afar from the competition.

“It’s actual difficult to body an OS from blemish — we all apperceive how continued it took Android to get to the date they are at,” he said. “But if you attending at acute displays, the acreage is almost open… Because this is absolutely new, it’s for them to reimagine what an OS can be, not actuality angry to what Android and iOS are like.”

Samsung, for example, eventually appear its self-built Tizen OS on acute TVs, which is now the world’s best accepted acute TV OS, according to Strategy Analytics. Google’s Android TV, on the added hand, trails at third abode abaft LG’s webOS.

In-house designs acquiesce companies to cast their OS according to the needs of their devices. Abounding accept attributed the iPhone’s success, for instance, to Apple’s adeptness to architecture custom chipsets tailored for their own devices, an bend that few added buzz makers have. Huawei, it seems, could now do the same.

“Building their own OS can acquiesce [Huawei] to advantage centralized synergies, application their own articles and codes,” said Low. “It will be abundant added able for them to appear up with use cases which are added seamlessly angry together.”