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When Serena accustomed an email announcement that that her claimed advice had been added to “Shidduchline,” a website she had never heard of — she was shocked.

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“I bang the link, and I see a contour with my name, my picture, my age, my buzz cardinal and my email,” Serena, a distinct woman in her 20’s active in Jerusalem, told the Forward. “Some of the advice was wrong, some of it was outdated. But it was all this claimed advice that I did not apperceive how these bodies got. I did not accord it to them and never heard of [them] before.”

Serena was seeing an old adaptation of her ‘shidduch resume’, a dating contour that is frequently acclimated in the Orthodox community, anesthetized about by matchmakers and friends. Generally, a distinct actuality creates a certificate with their name, photograph, height, ancestors background, and a branch anecdotic what they’re attractive for, and again sends them (or has a ancestor accelerate on their behalf) to matchmakers, both able and amateur. As is accepted in the Orthodox dating system, the resume additionally lists claimed adaptable numbers of references — generally teachers, rabbis, friends, and siblings.

Serena responded to the email — “I’m apprehensive breadth you got my advice from…??” she wrote. “I don’t bethink giving accord for this to be acquaint on the Internet.” She asked the armpit to annul her advice entirely, and inquired breadth the website got her information.

She accustomed a acknowledgment from a Leah Stein, answer that “one of the shadchanim [matchmakers] added you to there [sic] clandestine binder and afield placed you as a accessible profile. Your contour has been removed from the accessible database. Hatzlacha. [Good luck.]”

But the armpit still had her abstracts — and there was no way for her to ensure it was removed, or acquisition out how they got it in the aboriginal place.

And it turns out that Serena was far from the alone one whose claimed advice had been compromised.

ShidduchLine advertises itself as accepting the advice of over 3,000 singles — and victims of this aberrant character aperture appraisal that the majority of the abstracts was calm after subjects’ permission.“They say they accept ‘3,000 affection resumes’,” said Jenna McKenna, the architect of a accepted Facebook accumulation for Orthodox women, “FrumGirlProblems”, which has over 15,000 members. McKenna is married, but her old advice from her distinct years was acquaint after her permission. “I don’t apperceive a distinct actuality who has autonomous in to accepting their resume appear online,” she said.

ShidduchLine, an alignment that is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit, is listed beneath an abode in Far Rockaway, and run by Naftali Sternbuch, who uses the name Naftali Zuckerberg on amusing media. The account was started as a WhatsApp accumulation which answerable for admission — already added, one could appearance resumes of added associates and column one’s own (for an anniversary allegation of $50). In announcement about its launch, it accustomed itself as “the Uber of shidduchim” — aloof like Uber is the “world’s better auto aggregation [yet] owns no vehicles”, this was to be the “world’s better frum dating networking system, with no website”. Aftermost week, the account appear a new website service, which accuse $100 annually, in which one can chase shidduch resumes — which were acquaint after consent, according to victims. The accumulation has additionally organized singles contest in the New York breadth — barbecues in Brooklyn and Lawrence, NY. The group’s amusing media pages appearance announcements of engagements — affected and pasted from added platforms.

It took a few canicule for the victims to amount out how their advice had been leaked. Most accept that the resumes were calm via a accepted email list-serve for Orthodox matchmakers, alleged Ezer Knegdo, created a decade ago by Sholom Blatter. “The advice accounting on [the acquaint profiles] was chat for chat in the architecture of Ezer Knegdo’s resumes,” said T., a Canadian who asked to be articular by aloof the aboriginal letter of her name, for anonymity. “One woman’s contour that was acquaint online had the Ezer Knegdo email signature at the basal of it. It was acutely affected and pasted.”

According to Blatter, Ezer Knegdo has over a hundred Orthodox matchmakers who barter resumes consistently via email chains. “I assumption anybody can again booty it,” said T. “I can’t brainstorm it’s so adamantine to get on his list. One of those shadchanim could download the files actuality anesthetized around…It’s aloof an email group. You can advanced it to anybody.”

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“Ezer Knegdo is a accepted organization,” said Malkie Rosenberg, who lives in Texas and whose claimed advice was posted. “But this accomplished affair fabricated me amend shidduch profiles and online assurance altogether. Bodies can amount out breadth I alive [from this] — my name, my kids. These are not adequate bodies who are aggravating to advice Klal Yisrael [the Jewish people]. This was a agitation to get money and to get numbers. It’s put a bad appearance on bodies who are aggravating to do good. This isn’t a representation of Orthodox Judaism.”

When T. accepted that Shidduchline abolish her advice aftermost Wednesday, she accustomed a agenda from a Moshe Schwartz: “Our database is like Google. Theres no way we can abolish a contour absolutely although we accept placed your contour on private. This agency cipher can appearance it besides for the creater [sic] and who they allotment a articulation with.”

Others accustomed a long, all-encompassing message: “We are about answer to all that we’ve acquired any abuse to and/or inconvenienced. At Shidduchline, we booty your aloofness actual actively and it is our top antecedence that all of our users feel safe.”

But those who had their advice leaked are agnostic that the accumulation deleted the abstracts entirely. “I never active up for this service,” said a distinct woman from New Jersey, who asked to abide anonymous. “I accept no abstraction how it happened. The belief is that a shadchan [matchmaker] awash our profiles to this site.” She, too, had accounting to the site, ambitious that her advice be taken down, and accustomed the aforementioned answers as Serena. “They told me that my contour has been deleted, but it doesn’t beggarly that my abstracts has been deleted.”

The ambit of the aperture was aboriginal baldheaded in the “Frum Babe Problems” group. The column sparked a cilia of 400 affronted comments, as added and added women apparent their profiles had been published. According to posts in the Facebook group, victims accept appear the aperture to the IRS and accept opened a case with the Orthodox apostolic court, the Beth Din of America.

“But this isn’t a beis din issue. This is a crime,” said B., the woman from New Jersey. “What’s a beis din gonna do? The bodies who cull this actuality don’t affliction about beis dins.”

When asked to comment, the Shidduchline aggregation responded to the Advanced via a WhatsApp argument message: “We are not attractive to acquaint this- because this would be a chillel hashem [desecration of God’s name],” they wrote. “Athough [sic] we accept emailed all users and removed all users that accept requested removal.”

“I’ve been dating for a continued time,” B. told the Forward. “I’m not a twenty-something. I predate the shidduch resume system. I’ve never been a fan of it, because you can’t ascendancy breadth your advice is going. It’s one affair breadth a [dating] armpit like Saw You At Sinai, breadth I accept an abstraction of breadth my advice is going. But actuality you don’t.” She said that she consulted with cyber aegis experts, who recommended that she address this to the FBI.

“The shidduch arrangement is absolutely broken,” she added. “The aboriginal time I got asked for a resume, I had never heard of it — I had been dating normally, you went to a shadchan, sure. But back addition asked me for a resume, I said: ‘But I already accept a job.’ The botheration is we accept fabricated this about pictures and the actuality on paper, we accept abandoned about the altruism of people. And this is the end result. I can’t acquaint you how abounding singles abhorrence this acquaintance now. It’s like arcade in a catalogue.”

Orthodox singles — or above singles — whom I batten to for this adventure were not alone agitated about the aperture of their privacy, but additionally lamented how this new account represented a abundant added affair with the analysis of singles. Naftali Pfeiffer, a affiliated man who apparent his old shidduch resume was posted, said that shadchanim generally see themselves as “data aggregators” aboriginal and foremost.

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